Imants RootPruner

Imants RootPruner

Cultural Solutions


The Imants RootPruner is a one-pass root pruning system that can prune roots up to 6” in diameter with minimal surface disruption and no need for clean up.

The RootPruner’s unique action of cutting the root in two areas prevents root encroachment into vital areas, eliminates loss of valuable water and nutrients, and prevents surface damage. It also has the ability to decompact tight, narrow areas with ease. The RootPruner includes a unique patented triple-reduction planetary gearbox for smooth, maximum torque drive to rotor shaft. The RootPruner also features a factory-set, torque-limiting PTO shaft.



  • Labor and time savings with one pass system
  • Unique dual cutting eliminates the root’s ability to reconnect
  • No clean-up with minimal surface disruption

Working Width 11″

Transport Width 35″

Working Depth 10″

Weight (approx) 1,086 lbs

Blade Spacing 11″

Blade Thickness 9/16″

Number of Blades 6

Power Requirement 40 – 60 hp

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