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About GLK Turf Solutions

Founded in 2014, GLK Turf Solutions is more than just a provider of premium turf equipment. We represent the pinnacle of professionalism and innovation in the turf management industry. The roots of our company lie in the deep understanding of the turfgrass and golf course fields, shaped by over two decades of firsthand experience. 

Our founders, Jeff Kadlec and Rick Kadlec, began their journey in the turfgrass industry working on golf courses in Iowa and attending Iowa State University. With their combined expertise of over 40 years in the industry, they envisioned a future where the highest standards of turf management were not only possible but easily attainable. Their vision quickly attracted the best minds in the industry – Riley Maxey and Randy Snider whom have carved their own legacies as golf course superintendents. Together, this team has propelled GLK Turf Solutions to the forefront of turf innovation and excellence. 

Our alliance with industry behemoths like Imants, Trimax, Turf Tec International, and Groundworx allows us to bring you a curated selection of the most advanced and unique turf management solutions. Whether it’s the precision of Root Pruning or the efficiency of the GPS Sprayer, our offerings are the culmination of years of research, field tests, and customer feedback.  

When you engage with GLK Turf Solutions, you’re not just purchasing equipment or hiring a service. You’re entering into a partnership with a team whose passion resonates with every interaction. From the initial conversation to post-sales support, our commitment is unwavering – to help you achieve the highest caliber of turf conditions, all while optimizing your revenue streams. 

Our mission is succinct yet profound: To introduce transformative solutions that elevate turf health and bolster revenue. We believe in delivering value, which is why we offer an array of financing options to cater to diverse needs. 

At the heart of GLK Turf Solutions is our unwavering dedication to the industry. As Jeff Kadlec aptly puts it, “Our objective as a company is to pioneer unmatched solutions that harmonize turf health and revenue. Our alliances with partner brands empower us to redefine the boundaries of turf maintenance.”  


Our Mission

“Our goal as a company is to bring unique options to the turf industry that improve both turf health and
revenue. Our partner’s brands have been invaluable in supplying quality equipment that has changed the landscape of
turf maintenance!”

Our Team

Our Turf Professionals

Jeff Kadlec

Sales Manager - North and West Texas, West Oklahoma Contact Jeff

Rick Kadlec

Service Manager - North and West Texas, West Oklahoma Contact Rick

Riley Maxey

Sales and Service Manager South and Central Texas Contact Riley


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