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Dive into a world where unparalleled turf knowledge meets cutting-edge equipment, designed to elevate both turf health and your revenue. At GLK Turf Solutions, we tailor our services to meet your unique needs, ensuring every green is pristine and every play is perfect. 

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Root Pruning

Optimize root management: one-pass system prunes up to 6″ roots, minimal surface impact, no cleanup, vital resource protection.

Transform turf care with Imants Field Topmaker: level, prep for sod, remove thatch, or control weeds with precision. Fast results, stronger turf in 3-6 weeks.

GPS Sprayer

Unlock peak efficiency and profit with top-tier GPS tech in the golf & turf market. Modernize your sprayer for precision and ease with Above Par Tech.


Cultivate your success with our specialized linear decompactor, meticulously engineered to rejuvenate heavily worn fields by alleviating soil compaction.

Our Trusted Partners

Our trusted partners provide us with industry-leading equipment, enabling us to deliver exceptional services and maintain our clients’ turf to the highest standards of excellence.

Why Choose Us

At GLK Turf Solutions, we merge over 40 years of turf expertise with innovative partnerships, delivering tailored consultations that prioritize turf health and revenue, backed by flexible financing and a diverse suite of solutions for all sporting terrains.

Deep-Rooted Expertise

With over 40 years combined in the turf industry, we bring unparalleled knowledge and experience, setting us apart from the competition.

Precision Technology

Collaborating with industry-leading brands like Imants, Trimax, and Brookside Laboratories, we offer some of the most cutting-edge and unique turf solutions available.

Beyond Sales – Real Solutions

Our team, filled with former golf course superintendents and sports turf managers, approaches every client interaction as a consultancy, always prioritizing the unique needs of your turf.

Revenue & Health – Hand in Hand

Our primary goal is introducing solutions that not only bolster turf health but also drive your revenue, giving you the best of both worlds.

Financing Flexibility

Recognizing varying budgetary needs, we provide a diverse array of financing options to make your path to better turf attainable and stress-free.

Diverse Turf Applications

Whether your terrain is a golf course or a football field, our extensive equipment range and tailored solutions ensure optimal turf quality across all sporting grounds.


Who We Serve

Golf Clubs

Expert turf management ensures pristine greens and fairways, elevating the golfing experience and course aesthetics.

Sports Turf

Effective turf management enhances athletic performance, reduces injury risks, and offers versatile options.

Sod Producers

As the backbone of the turfgrass industry it is vital to maintain healthy and profitable farms. See how we can improve health and decrease time between harvest.


Municipalities can leverage turf management to foster healthy green spaces, conserve water, and mitigate pollutant runoff.

School Districts

For ISD’s, turf management offers all-weather playability, conserves water, eliminates pesticide use, and promotes student safety.

Here’s What Our Client Say about Us

“The advanced turf maintenance knowledge and equipment that GLK Turf Solutions provides us is very valuable to our operation. We have been impressed with the responsiveness and willingness of the entire team at GLK to help us and our industry when called upon...”

Dan Bergstrom
Senior Director of Houston Astros


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