Surface Slicing & Spiking

Full Service – Slicing and spiking options available. Maintain the top profile of fairways and athletic fields with speed and effectiveness. Relieve surface compaction, improve aeration, reduce thatch buildup and remove surface water. By eliminating a PTO drive, the RotoKnife is fast across the surface and a versatile root zone management tool. The disc rotor shaft can be set in three different positions giving flexibility in working depth and linear spacing, allowing slicing to a depth of 4”, or shallow slicing at 2” spacing. RotoKnife can even be used as a surface smoothing roller.

• Minimal surface disruption
• Increases soil’s ability to move water
• Increases aeration
• Excellent for managing thatch and black layer

GLK Turf Solutions Provides:

Tractor, Roto Knife, and Operator.

Customer Responsibilities:


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What Our Customers Say


I have been using GLK Turf equipment and services for several years. Customer service is their number one focus. We have purchased several pieces of equipment from GLK Turf. All of our equipment was delivered on or before promised delivery dates ... GLK Turf helped us trouble shoot any glitches we have experienced. I look forward to doing business with GLK Turf for many years to come.

Troy CrawfordDallas, TX

Our partnership with GLK has not only made our jobs easier, but our turf healthier, and our members happier. This group genuinely cares about you and your facility, and consistently goes the extra mile to prove it.

Blake CainDallas, TX

The advanced turf maintenance knowledge and equipment that GLK Turf Solutions provides us is very valuable to our operation.  We have been  impressed with the responsiveness and willingness of the entire team at GLK to help us and our industry when called upon.  We love our Air2G2 machine that we purchased from GLK, it really helps us in the high traffic areas on our fields.

Dan BergstromHouston, TX

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Jeff Kadlec
Jeff Kadlec
Sales Manager - North and West Texas, West Oklahoma Contact Jeff
Rick Kadlec
Rick Kadlec
Service Manager - North and West Texas, West Oklahoma Contact Rick
Riley Maxey
Riley Maxey
Sales and Service Manager - South and Central Texas Contact Riley
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