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After 15 years leading the market Pegasus has established itself as the benchmark in wide-area mowing for parks, reserves, airports, racetracks, sport fields and turf farms.

Available in 16′, 20′ and 24′ widths the Pegasus S4 is our latest exceptionally low-maintenance trailed rotary mower. With the number of grease points reduced and the introduction of our new sealed, maintenance free spindles, maintenance costs have never been so low!

Trimax Pegasus In Action​

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The Benchmark in Wide Area Mowing

The Trimax Ezeemow FX is compatible with tractors from 20 to 45hp and it’s compact dimensions allow manoeuvrability in tight corners. It’s the ideal partner for your compact tractor when versatility and robustness is needed.

The Trimax Ezeemow FX has been designed to give you greater mowing versatility from short grass to heavy conditions. Ezeemow FX can handle fine turf, small prunings and one meter high grass and scrub with minimal maintenance and maximum reliability. This versatility makes the Ezeemow FX ideal for contractors, councils, roadsides, estates, and orchard applications.

Cutting Width16’2″Cut Height Range3/8” – 4”
Overall Width16’8″No. of Blade Spindles9
Overall Length14’4″Approx. Weight4806 lbs
Width (Transport Mode) 8’2″Min PTO Output60 hp
Height (Transport Mode) 8’6″Warranty (Years)3
Cutting Width19’9″Cut Height Range3/8” – 4”
Overall Width20’5″No. of Blade Spindles11
Overall Length14’4″Approx. Weight5311 lbs
Width (Transport Mode) 8’2″Min PTO Output65 hp
Height (Transport Mode) 10’6″Warranty (Years)3
Cutting Width23’9″Cut Height Range3/8” – 4”
Overall Width24’2″No. of Blade Spindles13
Overall Length14’4″Approx. Weight5952 lbs
Width (Transport Mode) 8’2″Min PTO Output70 hp
Height (Transport Mode) 12’6″Warranty (Years)3

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