The Field Topmaker is a heavy-duty fraise mower, for removing unwanted surface matter.  With a workable depth of 2" you can revitalize your turf in one pass.  Ideal for both Sports Turf and Golf Courses.
The Root Pruner is quickly becoming a staple in agronomic plans across the country.  With its durability and minimal distrubance to the surface you can eliminate the loss of valuable water and nutrients from your soil.  
The Shockwave is a linear decompactor, designed to assist heavy wear areas by relieving soil compaction.  All Shockwaves feature no chains, direct drive design, maintenance free "sealed for life" bearings, and no shear bolts.  This unit is built tough to work in the heaviest of soils.
The Unirake has made an immediate impact to turf managers in the United States.  A great alternative to conventional verticutting on sports fields and golf courses alike.  You will be amazed by the speed and flexibility you have in grooming your turf to the next level.
Recycle Dresser
The TB 200 is a multi-use brush for grooming the turf prior to cut, and moving sand into the canopy or aeration holes.  The simple design makes it a reliable tool that will become one of your favorites in the fleet.
TB220 Brush by SGM Industries
The Sandcat travels lightly over the turf, slitting the surface to introduce sand to the profile.  This action improves compaction, and drainage issues in one pass.  Its compact size makes it ideal for greens, tees, and well constructed sports fields.
The Rotoknife is a versatile tool that is effective in reliving surface decompaction, thatch build up, and removal of surface water.  With the disc rotoshaft able to be set in five positions. You are insured flexibility in working depth and spacing.
The Mini Rotoknife offers the same great agronomic benefits as the larger model.  But with an operating speed upto 12 mph it offers a fast alternative with ease of towing.
Mini Rotoknife
The Recycling Dresser reduces the amount of new top-dressing required, thus saving money on labor and material cost.  Layering and compaction become a thing of the past.
The Topdrain is a complete one-pass surface drainage system.  With its unique multifunctional design it trenches, removes soil, injects sand, and recompacts in one operation. 
The Cultiroll brings relief and seedbed preperation to your facility.  You now have the ability to mix mix dressings into the surface without destroying the soil profile.
Speed Harrow
The Speed Harrow creates a true level playing field.  Fast and efficent in smoothing the surface after heavy topdressing or surface cultivation.  The optional competition deck aids in incorporating lighter dressing rates.
The Greenwave brings the same linear decompaction action as the shockwave to fine turf.  Deep decompaction to turf has never been easier.
The SpeedDresser is a high-volume drop spreader designed to handle all topdressing materials.  The high work rate enables spreading material from 1/8" to 3" in one pass.  Ideal for sports turf and golf course fairways.
Field Topmaker
Root Pruner
The Linemaker is a simple, durable, and easy way to mark your field.