About Us
Balancing Innovation and Sound Agronomics
GLK Turf Solutions was established in 2014 on the belief in the Air2g2 unit.  Leaving a position as Director of Agronomy at LaCantera Resort, Jeff began the journey of bringing innovative and reliable equipment and services to Texas.  In 2016 Rick Kadlec join the family business to assist with sales and contract servicing.  Between the two of them GLK Turf Solutions has over 40 years of experience in the turf industry.
"Our goal as a company is to bring unique options to the turf industry that improve both turf health and revenue.  We feel the Air2g2 and Campey Imants brands have been invaluable partners in supplying quality equipment that has changed the landscape of turf maintenance"
                                                                         Jeff Kadlec
                                                                         Owner/Sales Director